I directed and shot this!


Peach and Zelda Catch Up: Would you rather be trapped in a castle or a relationship?


Fun (at least to me) fact: I pitched this idea a few months back not knowing that Ben had already written a version from the boys’ point of view. Luckily he helped me adapt it and even let me steal some of his jokes. It was also supposed to be an animation but Ben was all like, let’s go balls out on this one and do live action, and I was all like, siiick, and then Vinnie was all like, action!, and then Creighton was all like, hurry up Vinnie we have to be out of here by 6pm, and then Santa was all like, ho ho ho here are some presents, and then Creighton was all like, the video’s going up today, and then, hopefully, you were all like, NICE.

Sarah did a great job with this sketch! I’m really happy we get to do things like this. 

That’s funny. :D

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